Time, Nikolaj – Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center

Material: 10 mm iron tube, plaster, video loop
Dimension: 220x 900 x 1400 cm

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

When entering the exhibition space, the spectator is surrounded by a sculpture. He or she is forced to pass through a 1:1 three-dimensional floor plan. In the corner, three packing boxes in plaster are stacked. On the boxes, one can see a video loop of a house that explodes/implodes. 

The sculpture is a steel structure that is geometrically outlined. However, it appears confusing and labyrinthine in its uniformity. It is a drawn line continuing in space, exceeding a two-dimensional limitation. The material is forming the contours around imaginary surfaces, where the illusion of spaciousness can unfold. 

Inspired by David Lynch’s “Lost Highway”, the work question the body’s constraints in space and the body’s inertia compared to the inertia of thought.