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Tina Maria Nielsen focuses on the gaps and the cracks of the world, balancing between the virtually insignificant and the edge of symbolism. Throughout her artistic practice, she has worked with casts and imprints of real objects. The objects are cast in new materials: paraffin, wax, concrete, plaster, rubber, resin, aluminium, and black or polished bronze. In this process, what is fragile and temporary is transformed into something significantly heavier. The translation from one material into another removes the cast object from everyday usage and perception and relocates it in a much more fluid state between image, process, and language.

Nielsen has transferred spaces and objects from one context to another, translated her studio and home to the exhibition space, and turned familiar objects inside out. The method employed is always apparent in the final work. The genesis of the work and process behind it are always laid bare in the finished work, which bear the signs of their own process through small tell-tale imperfections.

Whether Nielsen addresses the history of objects or specific places, whether found or created, Nielsen’s tightly choreographed and enigmatic installations activate the mechanisms of memory and amnesia to give tangible form to elusive echoes of the past.


Tina Maria Nielsen (b. 1964) holds an MA from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Her works have been shown nationally and internationally and in recent years she has had significant solo exhibitions at Esbjerg Art Museum, Brandts in Odense, Horsens Art Museum and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in Copenhagen. Her commissions include public pieces for the Royal Danish Military Academy at Frederiksberg Castle, Køge Kyst, Rødovre Municipality, Aarhus University, the housing association AAB in Ishøj, and recently the commission Tree of Life for Lillebrænde Church, Falster, which includes an altar countertop, baptistery, altar rail, and a sculpture for the east window.

TMN has received several awards from the Danish Arts Foundation and was honored with the prestigious Carl Nielsen og Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen sculptor honorary Award in 2018. Further awards include Ole Haslund’s Memorial Fund, Niels Wessel Bagge’s honorary award, Anne Marie Telmányi’s scholarship, and the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year working grant in 2007. She is a co-founder of the artist run exhibition space Skulpturi, which won the Art Critic Award in 2012.

TMN is a board member of the Royal Academy Council since 2016. Further more she is a member of the artist association Grønningen, The Artist Society (Kunstnersamfundet) and Danish Visual Artists (BKF).