Kunsthal Nord, Aalborg, 2018

Photo: Niels Fabæk

Blok 2 is a series of photographs of technical instruments left in a former power plant Nordjyllandsværket. Over time, their ink has bled across the paper. Soaked through with red and indigo fluids, the control instruments have been overflowed by unplanned and unpredictable processes, making them appear as monuments to a time of transition. 

This sense of a “before” and “after” is continued in the installation Mind and Matter, consisting of casts in bronze of found worker’s helmets left over in the building, placed on top of softly undulating landscapes of waste materials resulting from the coal burning process.

In an adjacent room hangs a delicate mobile Kraft Værk, constructed out of thin lengths of metal calibrated by a butterfly at one end and a small piece of coal at the other. Another measuring instrument of sorts, the mobile turns gracefully around itself, its sways and swivels generated by the audience moving through the space.

The characteristic architecture and history of Kunsthal NORD, located in a former coal-fired power station, provides the backdrop for the exhibition Power Plant, questioning the role of the body within the industrial paradigm.