Galleri Thomas Wallner, Simris, Sweden

Photo: Erling Lykke Jeppesen

The exhibition I AM – YOU ARE revolves around pairings. The shared space between two that repeat or mirror each other, taking the form of one another or clarifying each other through contradiction or opposition.

The exhibition space is divided by I on: A four metres long construction beam of wax which forms partnership with the room’s supporting structure, two transverse iron bars. The work Bed and Board consists of a damask tablecloth and bed linen dipped in white wax. The two pieces of cloth hangs like stiffened drapings. The phrase “bed and board” is used in legal terminology to describe that a couple has joint household. Space of Femininity consists of two collages from the erotic magazine “Weekendsex”. One of art history’s most used motifs; a scantily dressed woman who is staged in an erotic tableau. Here she is only present in mirrored reflections, in fragments or in her absence.